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Tips & Tricks
Last Updated: Sep 22, 1996
The paper "Speed For Apple Media Tool" gives an overview of tips and tricks to let your AMT title to run faster. During this overview we give you also a list of third party tools that can help you in creating your AMT title. Many major AMT developers co-edit this document, so consider this as the best advice from the experts.

AMT on the web
Last Updated: Feb 12, 1996
We give you here a complete list of sites that has some information about Apple Media Tool.

Last Updated: Sep 18, 1996
Mark Fleming is keeping a list of the most frequently asked questions about Apple Media Tool. Before you send your problem to the AMKDEV mailing-list you should take a look at his list.

Bug List
Last Updated: Mar 21, 1997
During AMT 2.0 the product was harmed by some minor problems. The most annoying part was not the problems itself but that there was no list available. As soon as AMT 2.1.1 ships, we will keep a list of bugs and solutions. But, I think this list will be very short, because if my sources are correctly informed AMT 2.1.1 will be the most stable authoring tool on the market.


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Latest news:

June 20, 1999: AMT Accelerator 2.5.1 is uploaded, fixes a problem with QT 4.0.

April 6, 1999:

iShell, formerly known as TOTO, is ready to release to the outside world. This multimedia authoring tool is build by the same people that created AMT.You can already download a FREE version yourself at Please visit our iShell webpages for additional information, on these pages you also find information on iPackager the AMT Accelerator for iShell. Click Here for more information.

Old archived news.

AMT Accelerator 2.5.1

 Is speed is what you need then take a look at AMT Accelerator. The load time of your AMT screens will be reduced between 2 to 8 times on the MacOS Platform and 1.5 to 5 times on Windows Platform both measured on a 4x speed CD-ROM. Click here for more information.

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